We’re all chasing it — and not all of us have achieved it before. The perfectly rolled joint.

I mean, of course you can BUY pre-rolled joints. And we’re totally not against them. I mean, anyone who has been in our store knows full well that we’re huge fans of pre-rolled joints, cannagars, and many other pre-packaged goodies.

But there’s also something special about rolling up your own joint. If you know how, that is.

And we think everyone should know how, so, we’re going to teach you.

Rolling a Perfect Joint

It’s not as easy to roll a perfect joint as you might imagine — but it’s also not rocket science. (And if you’re running into trouble, you can always call the store for some one-on-one help over the phone.)

First, there’s some equipment you’ll need.

  • Your favorite weed
  • Weed grinder
  • A filter
  • Rolling paper
  • Long toothpick or thin skewer and/or a pen

Step One. Pick out some kick-ass buds.

Whether you purchase in our Seattle weed store, or at a weed store near you, you’ve got to remember that your joint can only be as good as your weed.

Here are some tips for choosing wisely:

Know your strain. Not all strains play by the rules, either, so choose something that’ll jive with the mood you’re after. When in doubt, ask our budtenders.

Don’t buy bad weed. It should be buds only, peeps. No visible stems or seeds. Weed should not be damp, nor should it be crumbley-dry or stale. When in doubt, give it a good sniff. It should never smell musty or unpleasant. Additionally, in our experience, a weed that smells good to you is an indication that it’ll likely smoke well for you too. Follow the nose!

Weed comes in a collage of greens, often with purple, blue, red, or pink undertones. What your flower should NEVER be, however, is brown. This is a sign of age (and not in a good way).

Finally, look for weed with lots of visible trichomes (crystals). This is the good stuff that gives weed its kick and flavors.

Know your source. Buy from a licensed distributor that you trust and opt for lab-tested cannabis products. If you’re new to this, find a location with good reviews, good information available for their customers, and friendly, knowledgeable budtenders. Now that weed is legal in Seattle, there’s no more need for shady, dark-alley dealings.

Step 2: Purchase Your Tools

If you’ve already got your tools, skip this section and move onto step 3.

If you’re green to rolling joints, however, stay here, because we’re going to talk about the tools you’ll need to succeed. In the event that this is something you anticipate doing even a few times in a year (much less a few times a week), it’s worth the investment to buy quality tools.

Yeah, yeah, we know everyone says stuff like that. But sometimes, everyone is right.

Here’s what you need.

Herb Grinder.

An herb grinder evenly crushes your flower into a loose grain texture that allows for optimal airflow. You do not want to just stuff nuggets of buds into a paper and inhale. Nope.

Some people try to do this by just crushing the weed with their fingers or scissors, but you won’t achieve the same even grind, and you won’t experience nearly the same potency or pleasure in your puffs.

Choose a 4 piece grinder. These herb grinders have the chamber for your whole bud, the chamber below for the ground bud, and the last chamber for your kief*. (Kief* is a highly potent byproduct of grinding and is almost entirely pure THC.)

Four piece herb grinders are easy to find. Avoid plastic and aluminum grinders and instead choose titanium, stainless steel, or wood.


Honestly, this could be a separate topic in and of itself. There are plenty of paper options out there, with variations in width, thickness, adhesive gum, and manufacturer. Your best bet is to walk into our Seattle weed store, or another store local to you, and ask a budtender what they’d recommend. You could also order these papers online. This one and this one are good options.

Joint Crutch/Filter

Technically, this is not strictly necessary, but it will offer more stability and allow you to get every last puff without burning your fingers. You can purchase filters or your paper may include filter materials. Start with a few ‘accordion’ folds at one end of the strip of cardboard or crutch paper, and roll it up. Should be slightly more narrow than the width of a pencil.

Step 3. Grind Your Herb.

Evenly fill your grinder with flower. Cap it, and grind. When you’re done, empty the shake onto a clean counter, a piece of tin foil, or another smooth flat surface.


Step 4. Fill Your Paper

Pull out your paper, crease it down the middle (if it isn’t already) and fill it up with the ground flower. Place your filter at one end. Make sure that your weed is snug against the filter. If there’s a gap between the weed and the filter, it will create suction — and that means a bad joint.

Step 5. Form Your Joint

Form a cone shape by rocking the paper back and forth and pinching it between your fingers. Tuck the paper down against the filter and continue rocking the paper back and forth to tighten it up. Once it’s snug, lick along the edge of the paper to seal it.

At the end without the filter, use a pen or similar item to push the weed snugly into the filter. Use that same item to pack the end of the paper down flat into the joint, or roll it between your fingers. (It may need to be trimmed.)

Step 6. Light it up!

This is the part we’re 100% willing to bet you already know how to do. But, just in case….

Nab the nearest lighter and get lit. Hold the lighter to the end of the joint and ensure it’s evenly lit across the end of the roll. Remove the lighter and immediately inhale.

Step 7. Do your thing.

Whether you enjoy a heavy couch-lock, or whether you’re now primed for a hike or a few hours of focused creativity, now is the time to enjoy your high. You’ve just rolled the perfect joint — congratulate yourself by doing your favorite thing.

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