Despite the fact that marijuana is often used as a recreational substance, many people are starting to focus on the health benefits of the plant. And not all people that seek the health benefits of cannabis enjoy the sensation of being “stoned”.

In these cases, microdosing cannabis may pose a great alternative that allows users to enjoy the benefits of cannabis while reducing the mind-altering effects caused by its active compounds to a gentle buzz, or even nothing at all.

Defining a Microdose

Before going into detail about microdosing, let’s look at the concept behind this practice. In general, microdosing consists of consuming minimal amounts of a certain substance in order to sustain their benefits while keeping any psychoactive or mind-altering effects to a minimum.

Microdosing with cannabis is becoming more and more common. And, numerous reports suggest that this practice, done correctly can help improve your overall life quality and professional performance.

To Microdose or Not to Microdose?

Microdosing with cannabis is a relatively new practice. Remember that weed affects everyone differently, so finding the right microdose is a very personal process.

This means that not all cannabis enthusiasts will enjoy microdosing. Some people smoke a “normal” amount multiple times per day and still function just fine. Many of us, however, are not as active or efficient while they are high. Microdosing can help us stay active while at work or out in public — and still enjoy the benefits of regular cannabis consumption.


The Benefits of Microdosing Cannabis

Evidence shows that cannabis has been used in herbal medicine for at least two thousand years. The plant was used to ease an array of symptoms that range from nausea to chronic pain.

Potential Physical Benefits

Various reports and limited studies suggest that cannabis may be used to ease certain symptoms and conditions that modern pharmaceuticals haven’t yet been able to solve. And, there are some people who just don’t respond to medications, called refractory conditions.

People that suffer refractory types of epilepsy, for example, may suffer dozens of seizures on a daily basis with modern medicine doing absolutely nothing to stop them. It’s been pretty well documented that cannabis has provided an effective alternative for these people.

It’s worth noting that even if the small-scale studies are promising, there is still a lot of research that needs to be carried out to truly understand the immediate and long-term effects of medical cannabis consumption.

Finding Relief

Taking reduced amounts of cannabis is believed to help diminish the long-term effects of some conditions. Microdosing cannabis usually shows effects gradually over time, whereas consuming “normal” amounts of medical marijuana addresses short-term issues. Microdoses of cannabis may help reduce the effects of certain conditions, including but not limited to:

Professional Advantages

From a professional point of view, microdosing can help you stay sharp while gradually reaping the benefits of cannabis. You’ll feel the effects in the office, the gym, and wherever else you want minor relief without a high.

Active Lifestyle

Living an active lifestyle and consuming cannabis wasn’t always the idea conjured by a joint, we admit, but there’s actually an increasing number of us who are swearing by cannabis to improve a workout, ease strained or tight muscles, and improve sleep and focus for better athletic performance. But what athlete wants to inhale a cloud of smoke?

Microdosing may help bridge that gap. People who microdose don’t experience the full-on neurological rollercoaster that regular cannabis users do, which in part helps them maintain an active life.

Professional Career

We aren’t encouraging anyone to get stoned on the job, and we absolutely would never suggest that you consume marijuana on business premises or if your employer does not allow the use of cannabis. And remember using cannabis may result in a positive drug test.

Professionals and executives in demanding careers often experience stress, insomnia, muscle tension, and migraines. Microdosing marijuana can help to ease these issues both in and out of the office, without a high.

You can experience all the benefits of diminished stress, more focus, and lessened anxiety. Even though there is no solid evidence to back this up, many reports suggest that microdosing cannabis may increase sharpness and creativity.

Relatively Affordable

While some forms of cannabis may be more expensive than others, microdosing is much cheaper than consuming edibles, concentrates, or dry herb at an average pace.

Avoid Sudden Mood Swings

Very few habitual cannabis users report severe mood swings. But, there may be a link between heavy cannabis and underlying psychological conditions that may trigger these abrupt changes.

However, if you start microdosing, you’ll reduce the amount of THC you consume, thus reducing the chances of suffering uncontrollable mood swings.

Simple to Start and Keep Track Of

These are different ways to microdose and some are easier than others. Due to the variation in potency and THC to CBD ratios, tracking edible or vapor consumption can be extremely difficult. Cannabis oils, on the other hand, provide easy and reliable alternatives as they come in standard packaging and potencies.

Plus, it’s easier to track drops than bites or tokes!

Reduce Additional Side-Effects

The effects of cannabis vary by strain. Each person’s personality and their specific situation will also affect their high. Microdosing may help reduce all side effects associated with cannabis as you’re not consuming enough to give you a full-blown rush.


How to Microdose with Cannabis

The biggest and most obvious difference between microdosing and simply consuming cannabis is the amount you take.

Many micro advocates suggest you take just enough to feel a minute sensation. They often describe this feeling as “the stage before getting high”, so experienced smokers will likely recognize this phase quicker than first-time users.

Remember that microdosing is a very private decision in the sense that only you can figure out your ideal dosage. You may want to start with doses as small as one milligram and work your way up from there. Some microdose advocates suggest you start microdosing at 2.5 milligrams at a time, while others believe this amount may be too much for first-time users.

Factors that May Affect the Size of Your Microdose

The type of cannabis you use, its potency, and the THC-to-CBD ratio can affect the size of your microdose. Other common factors also include:

History of Cannabis Use: Regular cannabis users will often require larger microdoses. In these cases, long-time users can take a 48 to 72 hours break before they start microdosing to reduce their tolerance levels.

Liver Metabolism: While this mainly affects edibles, your liver metabolism plays a huge role in breaking down THC and how much of it actually reaches your bloodstream. A faster metabolism usually means that your body will break down most of the compound before it hits your brain. People with faster liver metabolism may be better off using vaporizers or leaving cannabis oil under their tongue so it goes directly into their bloodstream.

Genetic Factors: Like all other organs, the endocannabinoid system (ECS) may show slight variations from person to person, which directly alters the way cannabis affects them.

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