The world of recreational cannabis is constantly evolving. Today, marijuana enthusiasts can choose from a huge variety of strains and preparations that range from dried flower buds to infusions and ‘water’.

Dabbing has become one of the most popular ways to consume cannabis in the last few years. Dabbing is the act of smoking marijuana concentrates using a hot surface, through the process of vaporization.

Although it sounds simple, anyone who’s ever seen a dab rig being set up or used one can tell you that it’s more intimidating than any traditional smoking method.

That being said, dabs have become a crowd favorite because of their potency, so we have decided to create this guide to help you dab like Jake The Professor.

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Introducing Marijuana Concentrates

Before going into our step-by-step guide on how to dab like The Professor, we’ll go over the basics of concentrates. As the name indicates, marijuana concentrates are potent substances made from the cannabis plant.

As a general rule of thumb, extracts can come in the form of oils, tinctures, infusions, and solids, such as hash. Some extracts, such as CBD oil, don’t have any THC, so they don’t get you high. Others, like wax, shatter, and crumble, have concentrated levels of THC, which means they can get you very stoned very quickly.

In this guide, we’ll focus on THC-rich concentrates, their practical benefits, give you The Professor’s take on the best delivery methods, and finally, give you instructions on how to dab like a pro.

Benefits of Dabbing

It used to be that dabs were a secret to everyone but super elite stoners. These days, you can find an array of concentrates to choose from. You also have a huge variety of smoking mechanisms that range from composite water pipes to handheld electronic vaporizers.

Dabs are becoming increasingly popular with veteran stoners. Dabbing offers many benefits, for instance:

It’s a One Hit Wonder

Like all other forms of cannabis, dabs vary in potency, concentration, and effects. But, more often than not, a dab the size of a grain of rice is equivalent to smoking a whole joint instantaneously. Dabbing is regarded as one of the most potent forms of cannabis, with some concentrates achieving more than 80% THC content. In other words, even the most habitual smokers don’t need more than one dab every few hours.

Not as “Loud” as Traditional Smoking

The smell of weed has always been a dead giveaway. If you don’t want the smell of cannabis to spread throughout your house, dabbing offers a great alternative. The vaporized concentrates produce significantly less smoke than traditional smoking techniques, like bongs and joints.

Better Flavor

This is a matter of taste, but a lot of us prefer the taste of oils and other concentrates over the actual flower. You’ll only find out which one you prefer by trying out dabs, but keep in mind that the strain the dab was made from will directly affect its flavor.

Cleaner, Longer-Lasting High

Despite the fact that concentrates are way more potent than dry flower buds, a lot of smokers believe dabs provide a cleaner, more insightful high. This may be due to the fact that concentrates don’t have any plant matter, so you minimize the number of chemicals you smoke. Moreover, some people that suffer from chronic pain find that they only experience immediate, long-lasting relief through dabbing.

Simple Process

There are many different ways you can dab, some of which are extremely easy. Just remember, the set up can take some time. But, once this is done, the rest is simple.

How to Dab Like Jake The Professor

Like most seasoned stoners, Jake The Professor has immersed himself in the world of dabbing. While there are technically two prominent ways to dab — vape pens and dab rigs — we’re only going to discuss dab rigs.

Dab Rigs

Dab rigs may be the most popular dabbing method among veteran marijuana enthusiasts. When we say dab rigs, we refer to the modified water pipes and all accompanying accessories designed to consume vaporized concentrates.

Also known as oil rigs, these dabbing vessels come in an array of sizes and shapes. They may be one dedicated piece or they can consist of a dry herb water pipe with attachments.

Whatever their design, all dab rigs have a few basic elements:

Water Pipe

The main body of any dab rig is the water pipe, although some simply call this part “the rig”. Most rigs come with either a male or female glass joint. This glass joint houses a nail, which is a piece you heat up and place the concentrate on (more on this in a bit!).

As we mentioned before, some rigs can be used to smoke dry herb and come with attachments (also called adaptors) that allow you to dab as well. The ideal water pipe should be durable, have the functions you like (honeycomb, percolator, etc.), and be portable if you need it to be.

Dab Tool AKA The Dabber

The first thing you’ll notice about dabs is the texture. And, the first thing you’ll ask yourself is how on earth do you even handle it? The answer is a dab tool, also known as the dabber.

This metal or ceramic tool is used to apply the concentrate you’re smoking onto the nail (seriously, more on that in a minute!). The best type of dabber for your particular case will depend on the texture of the concentrate you’re smoking, the size of each hit, and the type of nail you’re using.


The nail is the part of the rig you heat up and place the concentrate on. While all rigs come with a nail, you may want to look at its material and design before making a decision.

Titanium nails tend to be the most durable because they don’t shatter if you drop them. Ceramic nails are also available and they can retain heat longer than their titanium counterparts, but they are extremely fragile. Lastly, Quartz models are said to provide a better quality dab from a flavor point of view.

Remember that nails are not standard, so you have to be careful and check if they fit your rig before purchasing them separately.


Domes are small chambers designed to trap the vapor before it’s inhaled. They are mostly found in older dab rigs because modern designs have steered away from this element. That being said, you can still find an array of models that rock this feature, so you may have to apply it in order to toke out of them.

Carb Cap

Similar to domes, not all dab rigs come equipped with a carb cap. Carb caps are relatively new, which means most modern rigs are compatible with them (although they are sometimes sold separately).

These accessories work as an airflow control mechanism, which means you can control and maintain optimal dabbing temperatures for longer periods.


The sweet spot for low-temperature dabbing is 315-450°F, which is still extremely hard (if not impossible) to achieve with a regular lighter. In order to achieve these temperatures, you’ll have to use a creme brulee-style torch to heat up the nail.

Seattle Marijuana-Dab Tutorial-Dabber

A Step-By-Step Guide to Dabbing

Now that we’ve covered all the dabbing tools and accessories you’ll need, we’ll go over the steps you have to take to dab like The Professor.

  1. Gather Your Concentrate and All Your Tools
    Make sure you have all the dab rig parts and accessories at hand before you start dabbing. If you have a dry herb rig with an adaptor, this is when you should be setting it up.
  2.  Heat the Nail
    Place the nail on the joint and use your torch to heat the nail.

    • Titanium nails should be heated for about 20 to 25 seconds, but note that they don’t retain heat as well as other types of nails so you’ll have to proceed quickly to the next steps.
    • Ceramic nails, on the other hand, should be heated for about 1 minute for perfect dabbing temperature. These nails have great heat retaining capacities, so you can take your time and go on to the next step.
    • Quartz nails will show red glowing spots when they’re heated to the ideal temperature. Depending on the material of your nail, you’ll have to let your nail cool down for 10 to 60 seconds in order to get a low-temperature dab.
  3. Place Dome Over Nail (If Any)
    In case you’re using a dab rig that has a dome, you have to attach it now before you apply the concentrate to the nail.
  4. Apply Concentrate
    Use the dabber to scoop up a bit of wax or the concentrate of choice and apply it onto the nail. The concentrate should start vaporizing immediately.
  5. Use Carb Cap (If Any)
    If you have a carb cap, you can start using it to regulate airflow and maintain vaporizing temperature.
  6. Slowly Inhale While Concentrate is Being Vaporized
    As soon as your dab starts vaporizing, you should start slowly inhaling the hit. Remember that it’s a lot more potent than other types of cannabis, so go slow, be smart, and know that you may need to experiment to get the dose right.

Dabbing Tips

Like everything else, the more you dab, the better you’ll become at it. You’ll start understanding your specific rig, learning about optimal dabbing temperatures, and looking to gauge your hits more effectively.

Here are a few tips to develop your skills and start dabbing like a pro in no time.

  • Get the right accessories. Besides the parts listed above, you can also look to acquire alternative accessories such as electric nails (E-Nail) that help regulate the temperature effectively, which help provide a world-class dab every time. For infused concentrates, it’s very nice to have a nail that has regulated heat. The lower temperature helps preserve the flavor while you are smoking. It can be tricky for new dabbers to “feel” out what is a good temperature from a torched nail. With an E-Nail, you can dial in an exact temperature.
  • Clean your dabbing tools frequently to prevent debris build-up. This can affect the quality of the dab.
  • Safety First. Remember that you’re handling a powerful torch and very hot surfaces. Avoid touching any of the hot surfaces at all costs (you WILL get a burn) and be extremely careful that you do not set tools down on or near flammable surfaces.
  • Dab At Low Temperatures. If you experience chest discomfort, uncontrollable choking spells, and loss of flavor when hitting dabs, your temperatures are too high. To avoid this, let your nail cool down anywhere between 10 and 60 seconds before applying the concentrate.
  • Don’t Take Massive Dabs (If You Can’t Handle Them!) If you really want to enjoy your dab avoid taking a massive hit, especially if it’s your first time. You’re better off pacing yourself and learning your limits.

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