Today, cannabis enthusiasts can choose from a dizzying array of marijuana strains and tools. Vaporizer pens are becoming more and more popular because they allow users to toke quickly and discreetly while still delivering the benefits of consuming cannabis.

With that in mind, we would like to shine the spotlight on the IndigoPro Advanced Vapor System, an innovative vape pen that features a superb design and provides the smoothest experience while at home or on the go.

Introducing the IndigoPro

Vape pens come in all shapes and sizes, but IndigoPro’s Advanced Vapor System is among the most recognized in the market. Besides featuring a slick design with ultra-durable materials, anyone that uses this vape pen can tell it was designed with users in mind.

Designed for Resins and Oils

While some purists still prefer smoking the actual plant matter, the IndigoPro makes an awesome case for transitioning, at least partially, to vape pens. Equipped with proprietary cartridge technology, the IndigoPro doesn’t involve any extensive preparation. Additionally, you won’t waste any weed, as you do with other smoking techniques that leave debris or resin stuck to your smoking tools.

Simple and Elegant

This vape pen doesn’t feature any buttons or controls, giving it an elegant and discreet look. The LED lights indicate battery power while the vibrating draw indicator assures the IndigoPro is working as you hit it.

A Heavy Hitter

Speaking of hits, the IndigoPro does claim to produce 3 to 5 times more smoke when compared to other pens. Huge hits may be hard to handle for beginner smokers, but this can be overcome by taking small hits (microdosing). And for the seasoned cannabis enthusiast? You’ll love it.  

Magnetic and Leak-Resistant Cartridges

One of the most innovative parts of the IndigoPro vape pen is its cartridge technology. The magnetic attachment mechanism and leak-resistant construction mean you won’t have to worry about screwing in your cartridge into your vape or losing valuable oil. It couldn’t be easier to change up your strain of choice.

Extremely Clean and Tasty

Vaping is all about the flavor, and the IndigoPro pen uses a ceramic atomizer to bring extracts to their perfect burning point without killing their taste. This results in a crisp vaping experience that allows you to actually enjoy the oil’s flavor and aroma.

Energy Efficient

Equipped with a sizable 320mAh battery, this vape pen features a powerful, energy-efficient construction. While the charging frequency depends on how much you use it, the battery’s capacity is much higher than the average vape pen, so it should last longer than most models.

Equipped with a Vibrating Draw Indicator for Precise Dosing

The IndigoPro is equipped with a vibrating draw indicator. Whenever you take a hit from your pen, you will feel it vibrate gently. This feature is very useful because it offers precise dosing. This is especially great if you are new to vaping.

Nearly Impossible to Break

IndigoPro claims that the exterior of their vape pen is virtually unbreakable under normal use as it’s made of a unique combination of ultra-strong materials.

A Wide Array of Flavored Oils to Choose From

While compatible cartridges for the IndigoPro are proprietary, you can choose from different flavored oils. At the same time, you can take your pick of sativa, indica, or hybrid.

Getting Your Favorite Accessories and Strains in Seattle

With many dispensaries available in Seattle, it’s important to choose one that has the widest range of accessories, concentrates, and smokables. At Diego Pellicer, we offer a huge variety of oils, buds, edibles, topical creams, and much more!

You can now find IndigoPro’s Advanced Vapor System, compatible oil cartridges, your favorite strains, and the coolest accessories right here in SODO, Seattle.

Get in touch with us by giving us a call or swing by our store and our seasoned budtenders will be more than happy to help you out today!