Diego Pellicer and DAMA cannabis had the honor of speaking to KOMO4 News for a story about the issues surrounding tracability in the current i502 market. Here’s an excerpt from the article, available here:

SEATTLE – The state’s legal marijuana industry is gasping for help, following the rollout of new tracking software that many growers say doesn’t work.

A spokesperson for the state Liquor and Cannabis Board said they got one major malfunction straightened out with Leaf Data Systems and some commerce has resumed. The problems have yet to show up at retail stores where customers would notice, but growers say without a quick fix the impacts will be industry-wide.

“Leaf is having internal glitches, because it’s a new system, that are causing things to miss, to not migrate over, so you’re getting holes in the data and it’s just stifling business,” said Dax Colwell, a licensed marijuana grower with Dama in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood.