Diego Pellicer had the honor of spending two days with the former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox. During the short trip to Seattle, the president spoke at the 2018 CannaCon Expo held at the Washington State Convention Center in February 2018.

Join Jake The Professor as he welcomes longtime friends David Rheins (MJBA) and President Vicente Fox to Seattle for one of the nation’s largest cannabis expo shows. The Professor stops by SODO Chicken and grabs lunch with David while discussing how he can expand his reach in the cannabis community.

This quick recap vlog also shows Diego Pellicer team members including CEO/Owner Alejandro Canto, engaging with President Fox, his head advisors, and the Fox family as they maneuver about Seattle for the cannabis convention.

The President was gracious and exemplified a true leader, arriving from Texas via coach seating. He, along with his son and daughter, greeted John Davis and Jake The Professor with a warm welcome as the delegates oversaw the transaction.

Before heading to the VIP Mixer party in Ballard, Juan Garcia, Mr. Fox’s head advisor, treated us to drinks and insight about what Mexico is truly like, in comparison to the mainstream media depictions.

At the Ballard Bay Club, CannaCon hosted a VIP party to celebrate and welcome President Fox. Local news was in attendance and the President posed for pictures, spoke to the guests and invited them all to hear him speak the following day.

On Day 2 of CannaCon, President Fox spoke at the top of the morning, ensuring he would not miss his flight to be on Bill Mahar the next day. In the vlog, we recap some of the most impactful moments of his lecture where he shared the truth about Mexico and invited us all to join him for CannaMexico World Summit 2018 at the Fox Presidential Library in Centro Fox.

We are delighted to have shared these moments with such honorary individuals. Thank you.