[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Diego’s own Alex Canto spoke with Forbes on the influence of celebrity culture in the cannabis industry for the article “Amid Plans For Hunter S. Thompson-Branded Marijuana, Has Celebrity Weed Gonzoed Too Far?” The piece highlights products like Snoop Dogg’s G-pens and DPG Budz named after Tha Dog Pound, grown by our featured vendor, Seattle’s Private Reserve, both of which are available at Diego Pellicer.

An excerpt:

The response to celebrity-endorsed marijuana is mixed both among consumers and in the industry. Alex Canto, owner and operator of the high-end dispensary Diego Pellicer, said that some of his younger clientele are turned off by the branding. However, his older customers are drawn to it. “They feel it’s a product they can trust and they believe that the brand will have the desired effect they are looking for,” he said.