The Company’s modern flagship store features six glass display cabinets which will showcase high-end cannabis accessories and products with cutting-edge technology allowing for an easy and convenient shopping experience. The 3,300 square foot space is modeled after an upscale jewelry store and is outfitted with granite floors, imported Spanish tile, handmade casework, custom-made hickory doors and massive chandeliers.

The store will carry an array of Marijuana & Marijuana infused products, concentrates, vaporizers, high-end glass products, grinders, torches and Leira & Gold Leaf cannagar: luxury for the cannabis connoisseur. Each cannagar is meticulously crafted with award-winning Gold Leaf Gardens flower, coated with solvent-free rosin oil and rolled in cannabis leaves using Leira’s unrivaled hand-rolling process. Glass products include: Licit Glass, Zob Glass and Mathmatix Glass; Vaporizer products include: Pax by Ploom (herbal), CloudPens (extracts), DaVinci and Honey Stick; Diego’s private label grinders made by Phoenecian Grinders and Vector pocket butane torches are available as well.

Source: WeediaBuzz